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Product information

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You get a set which includes
3 x plastic screens + a frame + adjustable straps

Confidence in product

Created by professionals

  • This shield design has been created together with the Infection Control Specialists and Intensive Care Unit Personnel

Quality standards

  • CE marking
  • EN166 certified
  • Compliant with the Emergency Use Authorization for Face Shields by the FDA
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Our reusable face shield will provide you the requested:


Screen distance – 5.5 cm distance from forehead to the screen allows wearing over eyeglasses, goggles, surgical masks, and respirators

Closed-form top – Protecting when leaning down

Wide – Extended to ears for more effective side protections still compatible with headphones

Safe putting on and removal – the overhead strap allows to put on without touching the screen of the face shields


Easy to clean – All components can be disinfected, submerged in liquids, and washed under running water

Long life cycle – 300 disinfection times with included 3 replaceable screens

Durability – 0,45 mm thick, high-density screen

Modular components – Replaceable and handy to clean components. First time assembly just in 2-3 minutes

Compatibility – wear over eyeglasses, goggles, surgical masks and respirators, hats protective hood, helmets and with headphones


Perfect fit – Adjustable side and overhead straps

Lightweight – Only 79 grams, for all-day wearing

Stability – Overhead strap for additional stability

Forehead cushioning – Optional cushioning strip for shield frame

Soft on pressure point – Strap design that eliminates pressure points

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