In 17 days, Shield48 has manufactured and delivered around 20,000 face shields to almost 400 customers in Latvia. The winners of the Latvian virtual HackForce hackathon, the Shield48 team is increasing their production capacity every day and is currently producing and packing about 3,500 face shields a day, streamlining the production process.

Already completed Shield48 face shield orders in Latvia:

  • 4,694 face shields for 1,233 General Practitioner practices (ordered by the National Health Service);
  • 920 face shields for 29 regional medical institutions (ordered by the National Health Service);
  • 4,400 face shields for Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital (PSKUS), Riga East Clinical University Hospital (RAKUS), Children’s Clinical University Hospital (BKUS) in Riga;
  • 3,393 face shields 155 other Latvian state and municipal, private medical institutions and pharmacies;
  • 2,124 face shields for 33 other state and local government institutions;
  • 3,123 face shields for 187 trade, manufacturing and service companies and individuals.

“In 10 days, we have produced and delivered 10,014 face shields, fulfilling the contract with the Latvian National Health Service. We are grateful to them for the very operative daily cooperation in coordinating the delivery of face shields to 1,265 recipients throughout Latvia. Last week, we exported 950 face shields to the UK, Germany, Canada and the US. The Latvian National Armed Forces and the Latvian National Guard have purchased Shield48 face shields for testing purposes. We are grateful to the team, partners and customers, ”comments Didzis Dejus, the lead representative of the team.

On Thursday, April 9, Latvian Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks visited the “Shield48” face shield production site to discuss the development of the project, contribution to the national defence against Covid-19 and opportunities for further cooperation and providing face shield reserves for the next 3 months.

“We are grateful to the representatives of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who helped to arrange the delivery of the purchased raw material to Latvia. The cargo reached Riga on Thursday evening and we will be able to produce transparent visors for at least 50,000 more face shields this week, which will allow us to complete the delivery of additional interchangeable transparent screens to customers. Only when the material is physically under our control can we be sure that production will continue,” emphasizes D. Dejus.

The Shield48 face shield was developed in close collaboration with Latvian doctors, improving the features of the face shield that are important to medical staff, such as a closed forehead, a wider visor to cover a larger part of the face, less weight. All the components used are disinfectable (no fabric tapes, velcro fasteners, foam or other porous materials are used). The Shield48 face shield is modular and each component is replaceable in the event of damage. If carefully maintained, one face shield can be used for 20-30 days. This is a significant difference from the short-term alternatives available on the market, where the transparent screen or other parts might not be replaced or safely disinfected.