Frequently asked questions

What makes our face shield different from others

  1. Our face shield was developed in close collaboration with medical experts, extending the features (as size) that are essential to doctors and removing those parts that medics consider risky from a point of view of cleaning. This is a significant difference from face shields used in the household, by dentists, etc. Regular face shields do protect from frontal repellency of large particles, but not from airborne droplets. Our shields have been recognized as reliable and compliant by Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital specialists and the Latvian National Health Service.
  2. All shield components must be reused for extended periods of time with appropriate disinfection. The design of our face shields is specifically designed to avoid elements / areas where dirt particles can accumulate or become dirty. This is especially important for doctors.
  3. In designing the face shield, special attention was made to keep it as light as possible, without compromising durability, allowing it to be worn with glasses to ensure adequate airflow, and to prevent the shield from sweating. This is extremely important when wearing a face shield for many hours. Not all face shields available on the market can provide this.
  4. The size of the face shield differs significantly. Our face shields cover an enlarged area around the face, above the eyes, and it retains its function and endurance while the user is actively in motion (not just sitting), when the doctor leans over the patient etc.

Factors affecting the price of our face shield

  1. Prices of raw materials. Today, as demand increases, the availability of raw materials is significantly reduced, but their prices are rising
  2. Additional production costs at our partners
  3. Transportation costs
  • We want to emphasize that we are doing our best to reduce the cost of face shields and increase production.

What is the main purpose of the face shield?

  • Face shield’s primary function is to protect eyes and nose from direct contact from liquids and aerosols. A secondary effect of the face shield is to limit access to face from direct touch from possibly contaminated hands.

What is the difference between face shields and face masks?

  • Face masks usually cover the airways (nose and mouth), but leave other areas of the face and eyes uncovered. The face shield provides an additional barrier to protect eyes and nose against viruses and bacteria transmitted by air droplets.

Do facial shields protect against bacteria and viruses?

  • Currently, no protective clothing available is capable of providing 100% protection against COVID-19. However, face shields combined with face personal protective equipment are able to provide greater protection against respiratory secretions in the form of air droplets.

Can I wear a face shield without a face mask?

  • Face shield provides a barrier that can delay the spread of the viral disease. It is most effective in preventing the person wearing it from touching his or her face. It is recommended to us face shield combined with face personal protective equipment.

Can I touch my face if I am wearing a face shield?

  • The habit of touching the face is not easy to overcome. When using a face shield, it is much harder to touch the face as it is an additional barrier.

When should I use face shields?

  • Face shields with replaceable shields should be used in conditions when it is not possible to provide social distance from potentially ill people, such as medical staff caring about the patients, government employees, shop assistants etc.

Can I use the same replaceable shield repeatedly?

  • Yes, all parts of our face shield can be used repeatedly after proper disinfection. Disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Can I re-use the replaceable shield if I have disinfected it?

  • Yes, the replaceable shield can be used repeatedly if it has been disinfected properly.

Which methods are the best for shield disinfection?

  • For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective. Read more about General Recommendations for Routine Cleaning and Disinfection during COVID-19 here.

How often do I need to change the replaceable shield?

  • Replacement screens should be changed if it is damaged (broken attachment holes, heavily scratched). However, you should disinfect the shield after each use.

When there is no need to use face shields?

  • Face shields are intended for indoor use or in situations when there is close contact with potentially infected people. If you are not in direct contact with people, there is no need to wear face shields.

How to use the face shield?

  • Please visit this section of the Shield48 website to find out how to ensure a proper use of the face shield.

What materials are used to make face shields?

  • Frame: ABS, ASA, PC, PC-ABS plastic
  • Shield: PET-G va PC plastic
  • Adjustable straps: PVC

How long does it take to produce 1 face shield at home?

  • If you have gathered all the necessary materials – soft plastic for head straps, 0.5-0.8 mm PET or PC plastic sheet for shield and 3D printed frame it should take no more than 15 minutes to assemble the face shield. 3D printing a frame requires approximately 1-2 hours of print time, depending on the 3D printer you have access to.

How do I make a face shield?

How many times can I use a face shield frame?

  • The frame does not lose its properties after repeated disinfection and cleaning but could get scratched over time. You should disinfect the shield before and after every use and replace the shield if it is damaged.

How can I get additional replacement shields?

  • You can order an additional number of replacement shields by filling the Request form on our website.

Do Shield48 printed face shields provide the same level of protection as other shields that are currently in the market?

  • Yes, face shield works as a direct barrier between the contaminated source and the face same as other in-market shields. Our face shield was designed in close cooperation with Latvian doctors. You should always make sure the shield fits well over the head and check the range of the face it covers.

Are your printed face shields with replaceable shields actually cheaper?

  • Yes, our engineers have spent dozens of hours of improving the design to reduce required material and optimizing the manufacturing process to achieve market competitive price and to provide you with probably the most lightweight shield out there, to protect your neck from unnecessary stress.